SoPilar, Belize


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There is really only one way to get to SoPilar from most of the locations you will be coming from. We'll assume you are coming from San Ignacio / Santa Elena.


Head out the Bullet Tree Falls Road. You will take this all the way to Bullet Tree. Pay attention to the sleeping policemen on the way out of San Ignacio, especially by the police check point. These are serious speed bumps!


Follow the road across the bridge at the falls. This involves taking a left at the first big intersection (with the bus stop) after you hit the town. Chen's Superstore is at the right of that intersection, as a reference.


After you cross the bridge, follow the road to the right past the Bullet Tree Police Station.


Look for the sign to the El Pilar Reserve on the left. It is a big white-on-black sign with a white border.


The road looks more like a village street here than a road. Don't panic. It used to look like someone's driveway. Follow the road until you get to SoPilar. Don't panic on the road, either. It has some interesting hills and seems to go on forever the first time, but it is still the same 8 miles. Belize has been improving the road regularly to make for easier access to the El Pilar Reserve.


There are three indications you've arrived. o The Sign with the Yellow and Green symbol on it o The Place itself, which looks rather like the pictures o The huge Ceiba with the El Pilar Reserve sign on it.
You can see the white trunk at the right of the photo.

The Reserve is our Northern neighbor. If you missed us somehow on the way to the Reserve, just look for us on the right just as you exit the park lands.


Updated 11/24/13