SoPilar, Belize


Open now!

We are still working on this site as well as the grounds. There will be changes as time goes on.

We are still building, but we have the your needs covered.




Champa signifies a jungle hut. This one is a bit bigger than a hut. This is the main building, screened and set up for hammock sleeping or regular beds. There are Mayan woven mats to act as room dividers. The champa can be used as a classroom, a dining room, sleeping space, or whatever is required.

The lawn of the champa is our tenting area.


Open Champa

We call this Open Champa because has no walls – it’s just a roof.  We use it for an open-air dining area, a place to pitch tents when it is too hot or too wet, or swing a hammock or two – all sort of outside.  

DSC06710.JPG DSC06713.JPG

Staff House

Our newest building, which has two private rooms



Here is the path to the showers. You can see the building at the left and the champa behind. There are two shower stalls. The water isn't heated, but it's wet. It is also very soft - our source is rain-water catchment.



Here is that other facility that nobody talks about but everyone needs. There are two stalls here too. They haven't got to the his and hers point yet. They are vented and they work OK. Flushing is still a place in Queens (New York City Joke).



This is a champita - a little champa. They are thatched seats so you can sit and just look, or just listen to the wind rustle the fronds. We have two now, one over looking the main building and grounds and another on the ridge looking west. There are 45 acres at SoPilar, threaded and surrounded with trails, but mostly wild jungle.

We also grow a lot of our own food at SoPilar. Pineapples are not always in season though.


Updated 11/24/13