SoPilar, Belize


We are still working on this site. There will be changes as time goes on.

Menus will change with season and availability.



Typical Menus

Meals for a day are 50$ plus beverages.

A breakfast is $10 bz  + beverage.

A lunch is $20 bz  + beverage.

Box lunches available for trips at $20bz

A dinner (ex. rice & beans, chicken, plantain, salad) is $20 bz  + beverage.


Coffee or Tea $2.00 bz, homemade juices $2.00 bz

Beer 5.00 bz, soda 2.00 bz.

We will also have available

We will also be serving other dishes such as chili with flour tortilla, and various specials.


The Belize Tourism Tax is added to all prices.

Day Use

$30.00 Belize pp for use of facilities and lunch. Lunch will consist of a beverage, rice and beans, chicken, and a salad. We will also have other items available to purchase: appetizers, soda, and beer.


Updated 06/30/14