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SoPilar, Belize


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This our main focus for now. We are here for the camper who wants to be close to the El Pilar Reserve and close to nature and wants a more Maya-like experience.


We offer three main options.

Tent camping on the lawn - your tent our lawn. Didn’t bring a tent?  We have them for rental too.  Just your basic service at the moment. We will be building tent platforms in the future, but we're not there yet.

Hammocks in the champa. The champa can be divided into smaller rooms for family privacy or just left open for large groups. When our Maya friends come into the champa, they generally say "This is how I grew up."

For those who want to sleep on a platform instead of in hammocks, we will be building a loft in the champa, but it is not there yet.

We also have flat beds in different sizes that can be set up for those hammock-avoiding people. 


Private room and board - $80.00 bz


Dorm room and board - $60.00bz


Camping - $40.00bz includes breakfast

We have hammocks and tent for rent.

Day use - $30.00 Belize pp for use of facilities and lunch, beverages extra.

Group sales available, prices negotiable.

The Belize Tourism Tax is added to all prices.



Sleep may be our most important product but we all have to eat and drink too.  Plus in the hot weather, a Belikin beer may go down well.  Our food is Belizean – part Caribbean,  part Maya, part colonial Spanish.

See the Menus for details but a day's worth of meals will cost about $36bz plus beverages.


Nature trails


There is a trail that goes all the way around the edge of SoPilar, a little over a mile - say 9 furlongs or 1.8 K. There is about a 500 foot difference from the highest point to the lowest.  The serious hiker won't take all the relief seriously, but the casual visitor should take it easy here. There is a shorter trail over the East ridge that is easy, once you get to the top of the hill.  We also have other trails cut through the middle of the jungle.  In addition we are cutting more trails through the jungle to highlight rare or endangered plants. We are working on labeling the important species on the trails.

Trails are free.

Guides by arrangement

Birding and wildlife


At SoPilar, nature is just part of the package. The pictures here were taken from the grounds and didn't involve the trails or hiking.

Trails are free.

Guides by arrangement

The El Pilar Reserve


Since the reserve is an international park, you can't eat or sleep there. One of our prime functions is to provide those services for visitors who would like to have a different experience, or just stay a little longer in the park than convenient to the ride back to San Ignacio. You can certainly go into the reserve on your own but we recommend using a guide who can broaden your experience enormously. We have partnered with Luis Godoy of Belize Nature Travel for this. Luis has been guiding for us for over ten years and is the best guide we've had, and there are may good guides in the country. He has helped us with guidance, ideas, and even fitted an elbow or two in the plumbing. You can reach him

email address, or

Phone 501-824 3314

Cell 501-601 4571

(From the US dial the 011 prefix first)

Reserve fees are $10 bz for Visitors and $5 bz for Belizeans

Luis, and any member of the Guide's Association, has his own price scale depending on number of people, services to be provided, and season.


Updated 06/30/14