SoPilar, Belize


We are still working on this site. There will be changes as time goes on.

New Staff coming soon!

SoPilar could not be possible without its people.

These are only a few of the many necessary but not sufficient folks. There is always another skill needed. Not everyone works for us. All are important.


Fred & Cathie..

SoPilar is our joint concept and project. You can probably tell which is which picture.



Before we bought the land Carmen was there, planting and caretaking the grounds and plantings. He is also our wonderful traditional Mayan builder that made this complex a possibility. His landscaping is also above reproach.  He had to retire this year and he cannot be replaced. 



In white. Our administrator, paymaster, and lifeline when we are in the States. She keeps it all running



Our forest gardner. He is a true spirit of the Mayan way and is trying to save the rainforest and its remedies for the future.



Carmen's wife and a supplier of wonderful tortillias, bolas, and other Belzian eatables.



Carmen's son who has helped his dad from day one. Here he is helping Carmen thatch the roof for the fogon (mayan fire hearth). Carmen is up on the roof.


And Everybody Else

Lots of others, who helped Carmen build, made furniture, drove teams back and forth, and just provided advice and encouragement.  Some have worked us from the start, especially Orfalina Castellanos and her family who have collectively been site manager, cook, grounds keeper, caretaker, trailblazer, guide, driver, photographer, and forester. 



World Tree

What's going on here? That's a tree, not a person.

All True, and it is part of the El Pilar Reserve, too. But this majestic ceiba dominates the view from the champa and the lawn, and is in many ways the soul of SoPilar as well. As for not being a person, when the hurricane went through we asked after the health of all of our friends - and this tree.


Updated 6/30/14